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Project management

How good is your project management?
There’s almost no job out there as diverse and applicable to different sectors as that of a project manager. And that makes project management one of the best-known fields of work, across a plethora of disciplines. Today, in-depth project management knowledge is required in a vast array of industries and areas of activity. That applies to your sector, too!
Why not leave your project management to the professionals? This is what we do.
How you benefit at CEIS
  • Decades of experience
  • Lots of successful projects
  • In-depth knowledge of an array of sectors
  • Wholly satisfied customers

What is project management?

Defining precise goals is one of the most important steps when embarking on a project. You can only plan in a realistic way if your project has a clearly defined objective. The definition of these goals can include developing a business case, drawing up specifications or devising a project order.

Which sub-areas does project management cover?

As a cross-sectoral task, project management covers a wide range of topics and leading a project represents a major challenge. But we love a challenge! You have to concentrate on the essentials, while at the same time opting for the most pragmatic approach possible. Good planning provides a firm footing for getting the project up and running successfully and keeping it on track. Ultimately, it’s vital to complete the project properly, and that's something that often goes forgotten in the daily rush

Our project management methods

The Waterfall methodology (initiation – planning and analysis – implementation, monitoring and steering – conclusion)
KANBAN (optimal control of every individual project phase to achieve faster throughput times)
Scrum (definition of a long-term plan with regular adjustments and optimisation)
Agile project management (optimisation of customer benefit through a more flexible, future-forward concept) with short, direct communication channels and quick feedback to enable constant improvement during the project process
Lean project management (value without waste by reducing costs and resources)
Six Sigma (ideal for short-term projects, delivering clearly quantifiable results)
We keep a constant eye on quality, adherence to deadlines and compliance with the budget in the process of achieving your project goals. Our team can draw upon their expertise in the precise field and methodology as they oversee the project at your side.

Our project management services

Identification and analysis of the current situation in terms of goals, quality, scope, resources, deadlines, risks and costs
Transparency in task planning and costing
Controlling to enable the pinpointing of any deviations from the plan
Drafting of reports, documentation and evaluations for future projects
Implementation of the defined goals through project management and monitoring
Audit-proof conclusion with sign-off of the project results

Do you have any questions about project management?

Just get in touch! Our experts are always available for a non-binding consultation.

Frequently asked questions about project management

What does project management from CEIS cost?

The costs of our project management services will depend on your individual requirements. Not only do we offer you flexible billing models, but we also provide a guarantee of success.

For which sectors do you provide project management?

In this era of digital transformation, fast-paced market dynamics and growing technological complexity, successful project management is increasingly important. We offer this service to our customers regardless of their sector.

What are the benefits of outsourcing project management?

Outsourcing project management has a range of benefits. These include:

• Increased competitiveness
• Greater customer satisfaction
• Access to better knowledge and technology
• Harnessing external expertise
• Increasing efficiency
• Transferring responsibility
• Reducing project costs

What are the key aspects of project management?

The main prerequisites are a high level of organisational prowess, i.e. clear interfaces with regulated responsibilities and clear processes, and active management support. The main obstacles, meanwhile, are cultural and linguistic differences. First and foremost, project management depends on professional, standardised process management in order to increase efficiency and transparency.

Which qualifications do your employees have in the field of project management?

Our employees are superb team players; this is the be-all and end-all for any project manager. They are adept at open communication, which in turn creates a real basis for trust. Our employees are also problem solvers and organisational whizzes who are proficient at prioritising and taking on leadership.

Who are your project management services for?

Outsourcing project management as a managed service is still a relatively new phenomenon. You’ll have noticed the steady trend towards ‘as-a-service’ models, whether it’s ‘software as a service’, ‘infrastructure as a service (IaaS)’ or ‘platform a service (PaaS)’. All these approaches are based on the idea that responsibility for the operation of software or infrastructure, for instance, is handed over to an external service provider. In other words, to us!
The as-a-service model enables overarching control of the projects, while at the same time transferring responsibility for the quality of the project implementation to us. In addition to the shadowing principle, cost savings and efficiency gains play a central role in the PMaaS approach.
One key advantage of the PMaaS model stems from the overarching management and coordination of other interface partners. There’s no need to oversee countless service providers or individual freelancers. We coordinate everything on your behalf!

Do I get a personal contact person at CEIS for project management services?

You can rely on CEIS resources that fit with the project requirements, from experienced project managers to junior PMOs. We strongly believe that continuity is vital for successful project management, so we try to provide our customers with a permanent contact person.

What project management software do you use?

We use all of the standard project management programs for our project management work.
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