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Fleet management

Do you have an overall sense of the costs of running your vehicle fleet? Do you know who is on the road with which vehicle at any given time? The chances are that you’re not keeping tabs on these things.
Fleet management is the solution. Vehicle or fleet management is the administration, planning, control and monitoring of a vehicle fleet. It includes leasing and financing vehicles, compliance, supply chain management, damage and fuel management, health and safety management and the resale of vehicles. We increase the profitability of your fleet through optimal utilisation and ensure that safety requirements are met.
Put your fleet management in qualified hands – our hands!
How you benefit at CEIS
  • Save money
  • Ensure certainty
  • Receive detailed evaluations
  • Use your resources efficiently

The duties of a fleet manager

This role is variously named fleet manager, fleet leader or mobility manager. It involves lots of challenges, so there are lots of different names for the role!
The tasks and responsibilities of a fleet manager are more complex and demanding than you might expect. After all, for a long time now it’s no longer been a matter of having the right vehicles available in sufficient numbers at the point when they are needed. Fleet management requires considerable talent for organisation, business expertise and in-depth knowledge; it’s not simply about devising or implementing a company car policy.
We manage, plan, control and monitor your vehicles plus the necessary upstream and downstream process steps.

Our fleet management services

Organisation and coordination of general fleet tasks including careful data maintenance and detailed monitoring
Responsible planning, control and monitoring of external service providers
Implementation of the customer’s internal vehicle fleet guidelines, including key and fuel card management
Ensuring smooth operation and optimisation of processes
Claims, administration and service management
Coordination and organisation of vehicle issuing and returns and preparation of the necessary contracts

Our comprehensive range of services focuses on the efficiency of your fleet.

Do you have any questions about fleet management?

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Frequently asked questions about fleet management

What is fleet management?

The fleet management team is responsible for ensuring that the right vehicles are available in sufficient numbers at the required time at the place where they are needed. Otherwise, there will be high downtime costs and other negative impacts on the company, suppliers and customers. A company’s fleet management team ensures that all its vehicles are used in a cost-effective way, while also taking care of the procurement, operation, maintenance and repair of vehicles.

For whom is fleet management suitable?

The importance of a vehicle fleet and the planning and management system behind it will depend entirely on the type of company, the industry, process design, locations and other factors.
For a forwarding agent, fleet management is the core business, with large or small fleets of trucks of different sizes for the regional and national transportation of goods. Fleet management can also be critical to the success of crafts businesses, with many vehicles equipped for special purposes. For a management consultancy firm, however, the vehicles themselves (i.e. company cars) will be more of a focal point for consultants.
If you only have a few vehicles in your fleet, fleet management will mean something different than if you have a fleet of tens or hundreds of vehicles. We work with you to pin down your requirements and areas of potential in your use of vehicles.

What are the benefits of fleet management from CEIS?

Due to our many years of experience, we can guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction. In addition, individual advice, direct contact and a focus on service are always paramount. We also work with you to respond to new areas of focus such as emissions and climate protection, check financial subsidies for alternative propulsion systems and develop comprehensive mobility solutions (e.g. carsharing).

Why should I outsource fleet management?

The fixed costs for small, self-managed fleets, in particular, are relatively high. In addition, experience has shown that the employee put in charge of fleet management often does this as an add-on to their main job, so they may lack comprehensive expertise in this area.
How you benefit from being a partner:
• Expertise, best practice and market knowledge: the greater the pooling of customer fleets, the greater the opportunity to set up specialised and cost-effective procurement, administration and recycling with specialist staff.
• Focus: the company and management are better able to focus on their own core activities.
• Bulk grouping/economies of scale: bulk grouping has a significant bearing on conditions and market power vis-à-vis suppliers.
• Cost savings: the aforementioned economies of scale and expertise can reduce costs. Cost transparency increases because the Controlling department receives a single invoice for the service package. In addition, all costs are tax deductible.
• Minimising risks: risks can be transferred, depending on the contract set-up.

What are the benefits of fleet management?

Fleet management presents companies with a whole host of challenges. Our experts can help you to overcome them. Our objectives:
• Reduce vehicle purchase costs
• Optimise operating costs for individual vehicles
• Bring down workshop and maintenance costs
• Minimise rental and leasing fees
• Achieve the best utilisation of your vehicles
• Reduce downtime

Does external fleet management make it possible to save on staffing?

Fleet management can be run like a service unit for your company (shared service centre), allowing you to use your own resources efficiently for other tasks and concentrate on your core areas of expertise.  
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