Smart processes

IT process management

Are you harnessing the full potential of your IT systems?
IT is increasingly setting the pace in our innovation-driven industry. The benefits are obvious, with solutions developed through automated workflows and process steps based on analysable data. Our IT process management creates structures that not only drastically reduce costs, but also enable data-driven decisions to be made.
That’s our guarantee!
How you benefit at CEIS
  • Greater efficiency
  • Better scalability
  • Data-based decision-making
  • CO2 savings
  • Return on investment in the same year

Smart processes through IT process management

Smart processes through the use of digital data harbour huge potential for efficiency, reliability and scalability in corporate settings. We help to correlate the data from different areas and systems and thus create the conditions for digital process consistency. In tandem with our business process designers, we also look at communication structures, such as 5G, WLAN and LAN connections, which affect the development of targets for IT infrastructure.

How we go about IT process management

We analyse your existing process and system landscape, study data formats and conversion options and show how the target landscape should be structured. In doing so, we look at data consistency, data sovereignty and the quantity of data, which ultimately have a major impact on the carbon footprint of processes.
Whether you’re planning something new or presenting us with existing structures, we’ll guide you through the process, from the initial concept to successful rollout.

Planning and evaluation of possible solution concepts based on various types of analysis (e.g. GAP, SWAT, Ishikawa)

We analyse your situation on site and work with you to develop a working solution with the help of various conceptual tools. Tools including gap, SWAT, portfolio and weak point analysis according to the Ishikawa method are used to provide you with a well-founded basis for decision-making.

Investigation and conceptual examination of the actual situation

As part of the conceptual approach to IT target development, the technology of smart ‘process switches’ is examined in order to robustly integrate the possibilities of clouds, blockchain and artificial intelligence into your processes, to name but a few of the options.

Creation of interaction and information flow diagrams for security

In connection with the existing IT infrastructure, we develop interaction and information flow diagrams to ensure high-quality data and secure the data flows via documented interface contracts of the system partners. This also takes account of data that may be made available by customers or service providers.

Execution of tender management right up to the award recommendation

If you need to make certain acquisitions for the IT infrastructure, conversions or software as a service, we can handle the entire tender management for you through to making contract award recommendations for you and your purchasing department.

Takeover and supervision of the entire project management

We are there for you throughout and take over the entire project management. This means that we monitor the time, budget and the progress of implementation, including any management of service providers that may be necessary. Our own performance is measured by the progress of the project, which we report on regularly.

Do you have any questions about IT process management?

Just get in touch! Our experts are always available for a non-binding consultation.

Frequently asked questions about IT process management

Why should I use CEIS for IT process management?

Because we are primed to help your company. With our IT process management, we not only achieve more efficiency and better scalability, but also enable you to make decisions based on well-founded data. You reap the return on investment that very same year. And best of all, you only pay when we’ve successfully completed your project!

What does IT process management cost?

If you offset our IT process management against your expenses and the return on investment (ROI), then you find that it doesn’t actually entail any extra outlay at all. At the very start of the project, we show you the ROI that you can expect in the first year of the project.

Who would benefit from outsourcing their IT process management?

IT process management is worthwhile for anyone who has projects but a lack of internal resources; anyone who feels they could make use of our experience and expertise; anyone who wants to benefit from our structures, up to and including nearshoring; and anyone who needs to know they can depend on those working on their projects. In principle, then, it’s for companies that are looking to generate growth through their IT structures.

What are the benefits of implementing IT process management?

Data are recorded over years, often in different and disparate systems. IT system landscapes unfurl over time and the communication flows and data consistency tend not to be taken into account. IT-driven process management is indispensable for efficient overarching processes, so as to counteract the growing cost pressure within the market.

For which sectors do you provide IT process management?

We offer IT process management for every product-oriented industry that already has IT-supported processes in place within the company, but still requires high staffing resources to place their products on the market.

What is the philosophy behind IT process management from CEIS?

Our employees make the most of their outside view while drawing upon their experience from other projects. We devise a tailor-made solution for your circumstances. We believe that software and processes should be tailored to your company. We don’t believe in adapting your company processes to software.

How long does IT process management take?

That depends entirely on your individual situation. However, experience in the ever-faster market economy shows that projects in which we expect return on investment to occur within the same year are the most economical.

At which points does CEIS do its work?

We believe that projects can only be successful if we work with you. Our employees enjoy working closely with those involved on site. This needs to happen in phases. Digital collaboration in the other phases is a possibility and has been tried and tested. You are always welcome to pay us a visit at our premises.
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