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Complete vehicle testing

Does your vehicle perform under extreme conditions?
Complete vehicle testing shows whether a vehicle actually has the desired properties and properly lives up to everything required of it. It ensures vehicle quality under different and sometimes extreme conditions, such as cold, heat and altitude.
Our specialists have considerable experience and expertise in the field of vehicle testing on trial and test sites both in Germany and abroad.
How you benefit at CEIS
  • Wide-ranging expertise
  • Extensive experience
  • Testing at the limits of technology
  • Tried and tested on various test sites

Complete vehicle testing under extreme conditions

Complete vehicle testing includes running through a car’s entire lifespan in fast motion and performing long endurance tests in extreme situations. These include heat and ice-cold temperatures, along with high altitudes and high-humidity environments. The vehicles are subjected to a plethora of environmental conditions in order to ensure properties such as material durability. It is not unusual for tests to be carried out at +40° in desert areas or at as low as -40° in polar regions.

Our complete vehicle testing services

Implementation of trial and test drives with test vehicles/prototypes on specific routes in general road traffic or on test sites
Organisation and execution of vehicle tests on public roads and test sites nationally, elsewhere in Europe or worldwide
Performance of various endurance tests on roads (customer-specific usage), test sites (fatigue strength) and high loads (engine and power train components)
Testing of all installed systems, assemblies and components
Documentation and qualified assessment of individual drives and system components using measuring technology and IT systems
Feeding back of results into the customer’s own systems

New technologies, new challenges

As e-mobility makes new strides, vehicle manufacturers are facing new and greater challenges. This shift means the development and production of vehicles with completely new technology, leading to changes in the validation processes. Despite more and more simulations, vehicle testing of prototypes and close-to-production vehicles on public roads or test routes remains vital for the development of new series of vehicles.

Do you have any questions about complete vehicle testing?

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Frequently asked questions about complete vehicle testing

What does complete vehicle testing cost?

There is no definitive answer to this question. The cost of complete vehicle testing will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. The test content required will also have a bearing on the cost.

How long does complete vehicle testing take?

There are different kinds of testing. Depending on the objective, the duration will depend, among other things, on whether you require vehicle tests on prototypes alongside development or the validation of vehicles that are close to series production. There is usually a statistical lifetime requirement of a running distance of 150,000 km.

Who benefits from complete vehicle testing?

Vehicle manufacturers make extensive use of complete vehicle testing to ensure the high quality of new vehicle types over their entire service life. To this end, extensive test drives are carried out on public roads and closed test sites around the world.

Our tasks include the following tests:
• Confirmation of fatigue strength
• Inspection of all functional properties
• Long-term analysis up to SOP and during the series cycles, right through to the end of series production
• Testing of special fuels and wear parts
• Special testing (e.g. big data, ADAS, etc.)
• Extreme endurance runs (e.g. cold/hot environments, terrain tests, vmax tests, etc.)
• Heavy-duty endurance tests to investigate engine and powertrain components

Why should I outsource complete vehicle testing?

Outsourcing complete vehicle testing makes sense for a number of reasons. An external service provider gives you complete or partial vehicle testing from a single source. Not only does this save on costs, but it frees you up for other things. Outsourcing the process also means that responsibility for complete vehicle testing lies with the service provider.

Why should I rely on CEIS for complete vehicle testing?

Our experience and commitment mean that we are always on hand to advise you and handle the organisation and implementation of the entire vehicle testing process right up to the approval of the vehicle type.

You can depend on us for the following services:
• Complete vehicle support throughout the entire test cycle
• Provision of skilled drivers (including all driving licences and test site licences)
• Upgrading and retrofitting of hardware and software on series vehicles and prototypes
• Documentation, data acquisition, data transfer and data analysis
• Vehicle maintenance
• Vehicle transport logistics based on prototype standards

For which vehicle types do you offer complete vehicle testing?

We offer complete or partial vehicle testing and component testing for all vehicles in licence classes A, B, BE, C1 and C1E.

For which vehicle types do you offer complete vehicle testing?

We offer complete or partial vehicle testing and component testing for all vehicles in licence classes A, B, BE, C1 and C1E.

What issues can arise in complete vehicle testing?

Major issues often arise in vehicle availability and hardware and software versions, as these tend to be prototypes. Another key consideration is the temperatures for the various hot and cold tests, as our weather conditions have undergone a dramatic change. Travelling in such regions thus requires increasingly complex logistical considerations. Extreme heat and cold pose a particular challenge for electric engines, high-voltage batteries and cooling systems.

What do you check for in complete vehicle testing?

Essentially, we examine the following areas in complete or partial vehicle testing:

• Control software
• Electrical systems/component groups
• Testing the bodywork for durability
• Hydraulic and mechanical components
• Testing of sub-systems
• Testing of the entire system
• Alternative propulsion systems
• Autonomous driving
• E-mobility
• Hydrogen-powered mobility
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