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Contract staffing as a flexible solution

Are you struggling with a shortage of skilled workers?
Employees may be temporarily out of action at any point, whether as a result of illness, parental leave or care leave, or in the event of extra pressures on staff due to fleeting peaks in orders. Sometimes they are absent for too long for their colleagues to simply cover their workload, but too short to make it worthwhile employing somebody else on a temporary contract, complete with job advertisement, interview and induction. The alternative is to cover your medium-term staffing needs with temporary employment or contract staffing.
Short-term support without stinting on quality? We’re the people you need!
How you benefit at CEIS
  • Greater flexibility
  • Reduced risk (try and hire)
  • Manageable costs
  • Highly qualified employees
  • Low employee turnover due to wages above the general pay scale

How you can benefit from our contract staffing service

Calculable outlay without incidental salary and wage costs
Flexibility and greater competitiveness
Takes the pressure off your HR and recruiting departments by outsourcing the process of looking for employees
No downtime costs due to holidays, illness or other absence
Eases the burden on permanent staff by bringing in highly qualified specialists
Innovation, stimuli and ideas introduced by employees who move between client companies

Strict laws on contract staffing

Temping may once have had a somewhat grubby image in Germany, but that’s long been a thing of the past. The Law on Temporary Employment (Gesetz für Arbeitnehmerüberlassung, AÜG), which has been in force since 2017, grants extensive rights to employees. Such employers (temporary employment agencies) are subject to strict guidelines and legal requirements that have to be met and are checked by the Federal Labour Office during company audits. Permission to supply workers via a personnel leasing arrangement is initially limited and only applies indefinitely after having been extended three times. The authorities check whether the agency is adhering to all of the regulations. If not, they can withdraw their permission.

Secure a strong position through contract staffing

Contrary to popular belief, employees hired out through contract staffing are generally just as well trained as permanent employees. In fact, all of our employees are consummate specialists with many years of professional experience behind them.
You can make the most of our large pool of employees with a wide range of specialist skills in many different professional or specialist fields by hiring staff on a temporary basis.

Our contract staffing services

Committed to equality
Payment on an equal pay basis (ERA grading)
Remuneration benefits even for periods of non-employment
Time-limited permit for personnel leasing
Eases the burden on permanent staff by bringing in highly qualified specialists
Member of the Bundesarbeitgeberverband der Personaldienstleister e.V. (Employers’ Federation for Personnel Service Providers, BAP)

Do you have any questions about contract staffing?

Just get in touch! Our experts are always available for a non-binding consultation.

Frequently asked questions about contract staffing

Is there a difference between temp work and contract staffing?

The difference between temp work and contract staffing comes down to the pay. While employees of a temping agency usually receive variable monthly salaries depending on the number of hours worked, employees provided under a personnel leasing arrangement are paid fixed salaries, regardless of the number of hours worked.

How long can personnel leasing arrangements last?

As a general rule, we provide temporary staff for a period of between one and 18 months, in accordance with the statutory maximum assignment period. The period may vary in line with works agreements at the hiring company; for instance, it could last up to 48 months.

Why should I opt for temporary employees from CEIS?

There are many reasons to hire temporary staff from CEIS. Our contacts combine technical skills with many years of experience. What’s more, at CEIS you can choose from a pool of employees with special areas of expertise that can propel your company forward. We guarantee a high level of employee satisfaction, so the staff turnover is extremely low.
This means that you enjoy even greater planning security and longstanding expertise.

For which sectors do you provide temporary employees?

We provide contract staffing services across all sectors. Just get in touch! We’ll find the right staff for you.

Which qualifications do your temporary employees have?

The employees that we hire out as temporary staff come with all sorts of qualifications, from technicians to engineers and career changers. All of them have many years of professional experience. Our employees include specialists in the following areas:

• Mechanical engineering
• Vehicle technology
• Economics
• Business administration
• Aircraft technology
• Measuring technology
• High-voltage systems
• Alternative propulsion systems
• Fuel cells
• Homologation
• Mechatronics
• Information technology
• Electrical engineering

Are there any disadvantages to using contract staffing?

Although there’s a whole array of advantages to opting for a contract staffing arrangement, it can also come with two disadvantages. For one thing, the employee will have to leave your company after the statutory maximum hiring period of 18 months, even though you will have invested time and resources in training them.
There’s also the fact that hiring staff under a personnel leasing arrangement restricts your right to terminate the contract. If you hire an employee in this way, you are not permitted to issue any employee from the core workforce with an operational dismissal. You can only exercise this right if you have previously terminated the contract with the member of staff hired under the personnel leasing arrangement.

Can a contractual relationship with a member of staff hired via contract staffing be terminated prematurely?

When concluding a contract for temporary employment, the two parties agree on notice periods. The hiring party must adhere to these deadlines if the contractual relationship is terminated prematurely.

What is the maximum length of time an employee can work in a company if hired from a personnel leasing provider?

According to the statutory maximum hiring period, an employee may work under a personnel leasing arrangement for a maximum of 18 months. However, this maximum period may vary depending on works agreements at the hiring company.

What if I want to permanently hire an employee from a contract staffing provider?

It is possible to recruit an employee from a contract staffing provider for a permanent position. This requires an agreement with the company that provided the employee.
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